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German Information Centre on Migration, Training and Employment, New-Belgrade

German Information Centre on Migration, Training and Employment, New-Belgrade



German Information Centre on Migration, Training and Employment

Additional counseling service only for returnees, at the premises of the Republic Commissioner for Refugees and Migration (KIRS)
Narodnih Heroja 4
11070 New-Belgrade

Our DIMAK offices are currently closed for personal consultations due to the corona situation.
Conversations can only be held via phone, WhatsApp, e-mail and Facebook Messenger. There may also be some restrictions to the services we can offer.
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Our team for your questions

Marija Bogdanovic manages the DIMAK advice centre and as part of her role has overall responsibility for two global programmes, Programme Migration for Development (PME) and Programme Migration & Diaspora (PMD).  

Svjetlana Djokic, coordinator of the global Programme Migration for Development (PME) in Serbia, leads a team of professionals with many years of experience in the field of return and reintegration, including employment and social policy measures, which are at your disposal.

You are kindly invited to learn about the range of successful reintegration experiences of returnees from Germany and other EU countries. You can also be one of them!

DIMAK advisors for return and reintegration will gladly advise you on:

  • reintegration opportunities into the Serbian labour market
  • professional qualification
  • start-up of a business 
  • psychosocial counselling

As a part of support provided by the Programme “Migration & Diaspora” (PMD), DIMAK also offers advisory services on: 

  • Information on the dangers of irregular migration and the conditions for regular migration
  • The German Skilled Labour Immigration Act

Country experiences

Two women fruit growers join forces

Jasmina and Milica became self-employed fruit growers to make a better life for themselves and their families in Serbia. The German Information Centre on Migration, Training and Employment (DIMAK) helped these two women.

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A future for my son and opportunities for others

I was supported by the German Information Centre on Migration, Training and Employment (DIMAK) and its partner organisation HELP to set up my therapy practise “Senzor Gym”. This is where I help disabled children to learn motor skills.

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Firmly established as a physiotherapist

I received help in 2019 to open a physiotherapy practice in Serbia. I’m really happy now. You can also realise your ambitions in your own country.

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“My work gives me financial security”

I’ve successfully set up a cleaning service in Serbia.

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After coming back home, the family is focusing on education and training

A father with four daughters is hoping for a good future for his children. The German Information Centre for Migration, Training and Employment (DIMAK) is assisting the family on its path.

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Happy to be home again

I found my new professional home in a beauty salon in Serbia. My path to get here was a long and difficult one.

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