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Serbia: six new advisory centres nationwide

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Even closer: DIMAK is now represented in six other cities with hotspot offices.

Serbia: six new advisory centres nationwide

The "hotspot" centres are in Novi Pazar, Kraljevo, Bor, Novi Sad, Kruševac and Niš.

People looking for a better future in Serbia can now also seek advice in one of the six local branches of the German Information Centre on Migration, Training and Employment (DIMAK) near to where they live. These hotspot centres not only avoid the need for a long journey to the DIMAK centre in Belgrade, they also enable people to get advice with a stronger local focus.

Both the DIMAK hotspot centres and the DIMAK centre in Belgrade provide information and advice to returnees coming back to Serbia from Germany or other countries. This usually involves various aspects of return and reintegration. DIMAK also informs and advises people from the local population on their career prospects and social opportunities in Serbia.

As of 07/2022

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