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Help for returnees

Arbeiterwohlfahrt Nürnberg (AWO) in Kosovo helps returnees.

There are advisory centres in Pristina and Prizren. AWO can help you with:

  • Finding somewhere to live 
  • Advice if you need medical help
  • Assistance if you'd like to start a small business or company
  • Social and psychological support
  • Getting your children into school
  • Language courses for children and young people
  • Leisure activities for children and young people

AWO can also give you some financial support.

You can call AWO if you need help.

Contact AWO Nürnberg in Kosovo

Nezir Kolgeci, project manager
Perandori Dioklician 14
10000 Pristina

Rruga Pushkatarët 32
20000 Prizren