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Cooking with solar energy

Here you learn new ways to cook. The course is not about recipes but about the use of solar energy. So you can save on expensive fuel.
Our course in Bad Hersfeld provides information on the following topics:
• Different cooking techniques
• Applications: which technique is suitable
• Sources: where you can obtain the cooker
• Costing
• Occupational safety and first aid
The following course is also available in Bad Hersfeld:

• Build your own solar cooker.

Attendance will not affect your residence status.
You get a certificate confirming your attendance at the end of the course.
Travel costs: travel expenses are reimbursed if you present your tickets.
Worth knowing Place: Bad Hersfeld (north-east Hesse). Requirements: ability to work with your hands. Language: basic German. (There is translation assistance if you don't understand any German.) Duration: from 5 days. Free of charge.
Contact Kreishandwerkerschaft Hersfeld-Rotenburg

Kreishandwerkerschaft Hersfeld-Rotenburg
Wolfgang Dressel
Fuldastraße 16
36251 Bad Hersfeld