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Basic course in the building trade

In Osnabrück you can gain a basic knowledge of the building trade. Professionals from the Chamber of Crafts teach you and you jointly agree the exact course content. It starts with an introduction to occupational safety. The further practical topics depend on your prior knowledge.
For example:

• The structure of masonry
• Laying blocks
• Dry lining
• Stucco, plastering
• Laying tiles
• Gardening and landscaping


The following basic courses are also offered in Osnabrück:

• Painting and varnishing
• Hairdressing and cosmetics
• Working with wood
• Working with metal
• Plumbing, heating and air conditioning

Attendance will not affect your residence status.
You get an individual certificate from the Chamber of Crafts at the end of the course.
This course is especially intended for those who live in the Landesaufnahmebehörde Niedersachsen (LAB) regions of Osnabrück and Bramsche. Anyone from other locations who is interested in the course can enquire at LAB.
Worth knowing Free of charge. Duration: 12 weeks. Language: German with an interpreter. Place: Osnabrück.
Contact Landesaufnahmebehörde Niedersachsen (LAB)

Landesaufnahmebehörde Niedersachsen
Standort Osnabrück
Hartmut Gausmann
Sedanstraße 115
49090 Osnabrück