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On the path to being self-employed

Work for yourself or get a job? Specialists will support you in making this decision.
The course is available at various places in north and east Hesse. You are given information on various topics.

For example:

• Benefits and disadvantages of a permanent position
• Benefits and disadvantages of self-employment
• Assessing risk
• Taxes, duties and insurance costs
• Income and expenditure accounts


Other courses are available in north and east Hesse.

For example:

• Job hunting
• Basic course in business start-ups

Attendance will not affect your residence status.
You get a certificate confirming your attendance at the end of the course.
Travel costs: travel expenses are reimbursed if you present your tickets.
Worth knowing Free of charge. Duration: from 10 days. Language: basic German. (A language mediator can attend if you don't understand German.) Place: various places in north and east Hesse.
Contact Kreishandwerkerschaft Hersfeld-Rotenburg

Kreishandwerkerschaft Hersfeld-Rotenburg
Wolfgang Dressel
Fuldastraße 16
36251 Bad Hersfeld