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Basic course in drinking water filters

Interested in the topic of clean water? Specialists use this course to provide important information on how to filter water for use in homes. You learn a simple method of producing and operating these filters.
The course topics are:

• Hazards due to contaminated water
• Learning about different drinking water filters
• Which filter is used where?
• Constructing, maintaining and cleaning filters
• Occupational safety
• Calculating costs
Other courses are available in north and east Hesse.

For example:
• Basic course in irrigation technology
• Basic course in business start-ups


Attendance will not affect your residence status.
You get a certificate confirming your attendance at the end of the course.
Travel costs: travel expenses are reimbursed if you present your tickets.
Worth knowing Place: various places in north and east Hesse. Requirements: ability to work with your hands. Language: basic German. (There is translation assistance if you don't understand any German.) Free of charge. Duration: 10 days.
Contact Kreishandwerkerschaft Hersfeld-Rotenburg

Kreishandwerkerschaft Hersfeld-Rotenburg
Wolfgang Dressel
Fuldastraße 16
36251 Bad Hersfeld