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Advice on career opportunities

We support you in preparing for your return. We help you search for work and training places in your homeland.
What we offer:

• Individual advice
• Discussion of career strengths and preferences
• Consideration of which training would be best for you
• Finding training in Germany 
• Planning a future career path in your country of origin 
• Seeking work in your country of origin
• Seeking training options in your country of origin
Staff in Germany and advisors in various countries of origin will support you.

Attendance will not affect your residence status.
Worth knowing Places: Heidelberg, Göppingen, Karlsruhe, Aalen, Heilbronn, Rottweil. Free of charge. Language: The courses are mainly held in German or English. We can establish contact with a coach in your homeland for the individual advice. They speak your language and can support you after your return. Duration: Advice and courses are individual and customised to each person. Their duration will therefore vary.
Contact Berufliche Fortbildungszentren der Bayerischen Wirtschaft gGmbH (bfz)

Maximilian Bresch 
Calwer Straße 1
71034 Böblingen