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Family and children

Help for children between 5 and 14

The Today for the Future network helps children between 5 and 14. It offers many different kinds of help. For example, it can:

  • help your children to get on well at school
  • help your children to learn to read and write well.

The service is designed to help children from Roma and Egyptian families in particular.

If you have a child who needs help, please feel free to call on the phone.

There are also centres in:

  • Tirana
  • Durres
  • Puke.
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Help for children

The Albanian Red Cross supports children in families on low incomes.

If you do not have enough money for your children, you can get help here. The Albanian Red Cross has for example:

  • clothing
  • materials for school such as pens and notebooks
  • a summer camp for poor children.

The Albanian Red Cross wants your children to get a good education.

For more information, please call the phone number or send an email.

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Where to find help

Caritas Albania works throughout the country. It runs over 100 projects. For example:

  • food distribution
  • medical care
  • clothing centres
  • preventing human trafficking
  • social integration and inclusion
  • skills development and training
  • sports activities for children and young people.

Caritas Albania helps families and also individuals. It also supports returnees.

You can find further information on the website, which is also in Albanian. You can also call on the phone or fill in the contact form on the website.

These are just some of the places you will find Caritas Albania:

  • Shkodra
  • Mirdita
  • Lezha
  • Tirana
  • Durres
  • Elbasan
  • Kosce
  • Kucove.
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Reuniting families

The Albanian Red Cross helps reunite families.

If you are looking for members of your family, you can contact the Red Cross. They will help you:

  • with the search and
  • with bringing your family members together.

You can send an email or call on the phone.

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Personal consultation

Need support before or after your return to Albania? Here you can receive advice.

Link to the advice centre