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Vocational training

Referral to vocational training centres

You’ve come back to Albania. Would you like to set up a business or find a job? The organisation Terre des Hommes (TDH) can help you with this.

TDH refers you to the right contact for continuing vocational training.

  • It mediates with public vocational training centres and colleges (free of charge).
  • It can also refer you to private vocational training centres (fees paid by TDH).

Content of the vocational and continuing training courses:

  • You attend short or slightly longer courses to improve your skills or to gain new practical knowledge.
  • The goal is that you start your own business or find a job after the course.

You are welcome to contact the DIMAK on site, by phone or online for further information.

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List of places offering training

The Shërbimi Kombëtar i Punësimit and Arsimi dhe Formimi Profesional websites list all the public training centres and vocational schools in Albania.

You can see on the websites which towns and cities have training centres and vocational schools. You can use the websites free of charge.

You can also contact the DIMAK advice centre directly: if you would like to know what training courses they offer or if you would like to know which training courses would suit you.

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Training in catering

The Neranxi Culinary Institute runs a range of different courses in catering. For example, you can take a shorter course or do a full vocational training course in the following fields:

  • baking
  • professional cookery
  • waitering
  • patisserie and confectionery
  • ice-cream making
  • hotel management
  • creative cooking
  • bartending.

The short courses run for 1, 3 or 9 months. A full training course takes 2 years. You have to be at least 18 years old. The institute will help you with travel arrangements and accommodation.

You will have to pay 30,000 leke a month. Financial support is available for very talented students. The full vocational training and shorter courses are usually held in Tirana.

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Training to become a tailor or dressmaker

The Albanian Red Cross offers courses and internships for women and girls who want to become tailors or dressmakers.

You can do a 5-month training course. Or you do an internship lasting between 2 weeks and 1 month.

The programme is available in 3 places:

  • Berat
  • Korce
  • Lezhe

Women and girls with financial or social problems are eligible for the courses. The courses are free of charge.
Half of all the women who do one of the courses go on to find a job as a tailor or dressmaker.

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Vocational training in Tirana

The Don Bosco School offers vocational training in Tirana. It offers different courses. For example in:

  • office administration
  • tailoring and dressmaking
  • electrical installation in buildings and for household appliances
  • installation and repair of heating and air conditioning systems.

These courses last 8 months. They cost a total of 40,000 leke.

There is also a vocational school where you can train to be an electrical engineer. This training lasts a minimum of 4 years. It costs 125,000 leke a year.

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Dual vocational programmes and other training courses

The Multifunctional Vet Center of Kamza offers a range of dual vocational training programmes in Albania. There are courses in the following fields:

  • IT
  • social work and health care
  • car mechanics
  • catering and tourism
  • farming
  • professional cookery
  • electrical engineering.

A dual vocational training programme lasts between 2 and 4 years. But you can also do short training courses that run for 10 to 20 hours. The social work and health care course is an exception to this. This training consists of 203 hours.


  • The dual vocational training is free of charge.
  • The shorter training courses are free if you are unemployed.
  • For anyone else interested in a training course, the fee is roughly 3,000 leke.
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