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Training in the hospitality and catering sector

The Hospitality and Tourism Academy is part of the Ministry of Social Welfare and Youth. It offers a range of hospitality and catering courses.

You can take a number of different courses. (Length of the course in brackets) 

For example in:

  • running a hotel (9 months)
  • front desk (3 months)
  • food management (2 months)
  • restaurant (4 months)
  • bar (4 months)
  • bartending (1 month)
  • mixology (2 months)
  • food photography (2 months)
  • catering and hospitality management (4 months).

You will be given support throughout your training. When you have completed your training you may get some job offers.

The courses cost between 175 and 260 euros a month. You have to be at least 18 years old. The courses are usually held in Tirana.

Worth knowing Age: 18 or over