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Basics for hotel, gastronomy and tourism

Gastronomisches Bildungszentrum e.V. offers courses in hospitality. You can take part without any formal training. The goal is to:

• Work in hospitality
You learn the typical processes in a kitchen or providing service.
You experience what is involved in housekeeping and the usual good manners.
The course also has the following topics:

• Gain entrepreneurial and commercial skills
• Presenting food
• Preparing small meals
• Faultless preparation
• Noting customer requirements
• Maintaining the dining area
• Cleaning
• Knowing and ensuring hotel hygiene standards
• Organising events
• Creating offers for specific target groups
• Learning and implementing advertising strategies

Attendance will not affect your residence status.
You can take a test at the end of the course. If you pass you will be awarded an IHK certificate.
Worth knowing Place: Coblenz. Duration: 3 months. Languages: German, English and Arabic. Free of charge.
Contact Gastronomisches Bildungszentrum Koblenz e.V. (GBZ)

Gastronomisches Bildungszentrum e.V.
Ester Pauly
Hohenfelder Str. 12
56068 Koblenz