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An easy way to find a job

Do you want careers advice or are you looking for a job in The Gambia?

The Department of Labour (DoL) will be happy to give you career guidance and advice. It can also help you to find a job.

  1. Finding a job: The DoL puts you in touch with potential employers. It has a large database of vacancies that it can use. An advisor will also help you to create your profile. This profile is based on your needs, skills and abilities. The advisor will then use it to see which vacancy from the database is suitable for you.
  2. Careers advice: do you know what career you’d like to follow, but not the path that gets you there? The advisors can help you to achieve your career goals. The DoL can arrange various training and development courses. These enable you to get a qualification.
  3. The DoL helps you to write your CV and to prepare for interviews.

To get more information, you’re welcome to contact the Gambian-German Advisory Centre for Jobs, Training and Reintegration (GGAC) on-site, by phone or via email.

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All things farming-related

Gambia Horticulture Enterprises (GHE) offers a range of training in different aspects of agriculture and horticulture. These include:

  • pest control
  • mechanical engineering in agriculture.

In our mechanical engineering training, you will learn how farming machinery works and how to repair it.

GHE also has its own farm. GHE sells:

  • its own agricultural products
  • agricultural machinery.

GHE has apprentices working on its farm. Sometimes, there are opportunities for participants in the training courses to be given an apprenticeship place at GHE.

If you complete your apprenticeship successfully, you may be offered a job with GHE. This could be on the farm, in the shop or as a travelling salesperson.

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