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Vocational training

Training opportunities for young adults

You can take a training course with the Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA). YMCA offers training for both women and men, mainly for technical jobs. For example:

  • woodwork
  • construction trade and architectural draughtsmanship
  • electrical engineering.

There are YMCA centres in:

  • Accra
  • Apedwa
  • Takoradi.

The centre in Takoradi is for women. There you can do the following courses:

  • tailoring and dressmaking
  • batik art
  • professional cookery
  • patisserie and confectionery.

You will have to pay a fee for the training. If you want to find out more, or if you would like to apply, please visit the office.

Worth knowing Accra, Apedwa, Takoradi

Ghana YMCA Technical Training Centre
Mr. Nketia Addae Kwabena
National Council of YMCA
P.O. Box 738

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National Vocational Training Institute

The Institute offers training in many different jobs and areas.

You can learn to work in the following areas:

  • reception and office organisation
  • driving
  • operating machines in industry and businesses
  • paper making
  • security
  • information and communications technology.

The Institute works with Ghana’s Ministry of Labour and various business associations.

A training course usually lasts four years.
Different courses have different conditions and requirements. You can find this information on the website.
You will have to pay a fee for the training. There are 34 offices throughout the whole of Ghana. You can find the addresses and names of people to talk to on the website (on the Contacts page).

Worth knowing 4 years Fees apply

National Vocational Training Institute
(Head Office)
P.O. BOX MB 21,
Accra No. 44 Accra Avenue
East Legon
Adjacent OIC

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