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Working with qualifications

Have qualifications and interested in working in Germany? 
The website “Make it in Germany” provides a “Quick Check” that lets you check your chances.

An important prerequisite is having your qualifications recognised. You can also find information about the recognition procedure via "Make it in Germany".

You generally have to take part in supplementary language and professional training courses to have your qualification recognised. You can find further information in a dedicated section of the website "Make it in Germany".

Also, the federal state of Baden-Württemberg has launched a model project called "PuMa". This means that skilled workers who have completed their training can take up employment in all occupational areas. In addition to having a qualification, the main requirement for participating in this project is language proficiency. You will be helped to find a suitable job if you are part of the project. Only when you have found a job can you apply for a visa. Further details are available via

f you’re also interested in career opportunities in your own country, you will find opportunities here.

The best thing is to get advice. Here you will find advice that is both free of charge and individual.