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Additional offers for women

Assistance for women and girls

The organisation “Lady” provides the following services to assist women and girls:

  • Advice on career development
  • Psychosocial counselling for women and girls
  • Advice on starting a business and general career guidance
  • Training courses in preparation for the job market

Preparation for the job market includes these modules:

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Craft trades
  • Tailoring
  • Design
  • Cooking and baking

The team from “Lady” will explain each of the modules during your initial consultation. The decision regarding a module is made together and depends on your interest and skills. You can also choose a second module if required.

“Lady” also offers IT and computing courses.
After successfully completing a course in the basics of IT, you can take part in an extra course to become a trainer.
These courses are also open to young males.

Worth knowing throughout Kosovo Albanian, Serbian, English free of charge women and young people; computing courses also for young males.
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