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Assistance after returning

URA return centre

URA – The Bridge is a return centre that offers many services:

  • help with formalities, including visits to authorities and registration in Kosovo
  • help with finding somewhere to live
  • medical care
  • counselling for mental health issues
  • help with looking for work
  • help with starting a business • language courses • school materials and extra help after school for children.

Advice and help with finding work are free of charge. You can also get financial help. The first step will be to review whether you really need this help. Many of URA’s advisors know what it is like to be a returnee and understand your situation well. There is no automatic right to the services.

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Legal advice

The Civil Rights Program in Kosovo (CRP/K) offers legal advice.

You can find out what rights you have in Kosovo and what benefits you can get from the state.

CRP/K can help you with:

  • registering at your place of residence
  • applying for personal documents (such as a passport and driving licence)
  • sorting out property matters.

If you would like some legal advice, just call or send an email.

The advice is free of charge.

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Help for returnees

Arbeiterwohlfahrt Nürnberg (AWO) in Kosovo helps returnees.

There are advisory centres in Pristina and Prizren. AWO can help you with:

  • Finding somewhere to live 
  • Advice if you need medical help
  • Assistance if you'd like to start a small business or company
  • Social and psychological support
  • Getting your children into school
  • Language courses for children and young people
  • Leisure activities for children and young people

AWO can also give you some financial support.

You can call AWO if you need help.

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