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Training courses on fish farming

Aquatic Hub Afrique Network (AHAN) offers training on the breeding and production of fish.

There are theoretical and practical courses in the following areas:

  • producing various things like fibreglass fish tanks, fishing nets, smoking ovens, mobile cooling containers
  • filleting fish
  • breeding ornamental fish
  • packaging techniques for the export of ornamental fish
  • design and construction of aquariums.

The training courses are for:

  • newcomers to the sector
  • small farmers
  • young people
  • women
  • businesses.

The courses last between 1 and 6 months. You will have to pay a fee for the courses. The costs depend on the length of the course. For more information, please call Steve Okeleji or send an email.

Worth knowing Costs: Fees apply. Duration: Between 1 and 6 months.