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Additional offers for women

Network for women entrepreneurs

The Women Chamber of Commerce & Industry (WCCI) supports women entrepreneurs. It provides a forum for debate. It also ensures the exchange of ideas with local, regional and international partners.

With assistance from the WCCI, women entrepreneurs can establish contacts with partners in research and development. Members take part in exhibitions and their companies are publicised through reports in the media.

The services are available in Punjab and Lahore.

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For women: Opening your own tailor shop

The Association for Humanitarian Development (AHD) helps women to start their own business. The organisation offers courses in sewing, embroidery and tailoring. They also provide sewing machines to women. The aim is to enable women to open their own tailor shop.

AHD also offers training courses relating to starting a business.

The courses are held in Sindh, but they can also be requested for other regions.

The services are free of charge. 

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