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Return counseling in Germany

SOLWODI - Help for women

The SOLWODI organisation (“Solidarity with Women in Distress”) helps women in difficult situations.

The SOLWODI return project funds women who have returned to or want to return to their country of origin.

SOLWODI provides individual help with your return. Support can be provided in different ways.

Potential help:

  • Advice in Germany free of charge
  • Financial assistance in your home country, for example for:
    • Vocational training
    • Further training
    • Rent
    • School fees for children
    • Introduction to a new job
    • Apprenticeships
    • An income-generating activity

Feel free to contact us!

Admission criteria:

  • Women who are single or single parents
  • Special need due to difficult living situation and/or vulnerability


Worth knowing For women only. Our advice is free of charge. German, English, French, Russian, Albanian, Spanish and others on request.
SOLWODI Return and Reintegration Project – Coordination unit
Charlotte Becker, Dorothee Helou, Aferdita Salihu and Anna Evdokunin

SOLWODI Deutschland e.V.
PO Box 3741
55027 Mainz
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Information telephone

This telephone line can help you with your initial questions. You can speak German or English. The helpline is managed by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF).

Calls are not binding. This means that calling does not oblige you to leave Germany. It will not affect your asylum procedure or your residence status.


Monday to Friday 09:00 to 15:00

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Find advice in your area

Counselling centres give you personal advice. This help is available throughout Germany, mostly in towns and cities. The following link takes you to a search engine. Enter your current place of residence in Germany.

There are independent counselling centres, such as welfare organisations.

There are governmental counselling centres, for example in social welfare offices or foreigners’ registration offices.

Return counselling is:

  • individual. This means that the advice is for you personally.
  • not binding. This means that you can decide what you want to do later. The advice does not oblige you to leave Germany.
  • open-ended. This means that the advice does not have any specified objective.
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