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Support in emergency situations

Advice concerning job hunting and starting a business

In Germany and interested in going back to Pakistan? Or are you living in Pakistan and looking for new opportunities like starting a business or switching careers? The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH and the Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF) will give you individual advice.
This offer includes:

  • Advice if you’re looking for a steady job
  • Support with starting a business
  • Support with social reintegration
  • Psychosocial support
  • Legal advice

The advisory team will refer you to a partner organisation or employment agency if required. There are over 100 agencies in Pakistan.

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Free advice on legal matters

The Legal Aid Society (LAS) offers free legal advice. The offer is aimed at people who cannot otherwise afford legal aid.

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Assurance of human rights

The Pakistani Ministry of Human Rights offers support when human rights or the rights of workers are violated. The rights of children are a particular focus.

Together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, it also prosecutes human rights violations internationally.

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Help for those in need in Punjab

The Punjab Social Protection Authority is committed to ensuring that everyone in the state has a livelihood. It uses aid programmes to support people in emergency situations.

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Assistance in accidents and emergencies

The rescue organisation Rescue 1122 provides assistance in emergency situations, such as a fire or an accident.

It is also committed to preventing catastrophes and improving rescue services. It helps communities to train and coordinate volunteer disaster response personnel.

Its main operational area is Punjab.

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Free health insurance

You are sick but have no money for treatment? The Government’s Sehat Sahulat programme provides you with basic health insurance. It is free of charge.

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Counselling for people with mental illnesses and drug addictions

The Willing Ways organisation runs advice centres and a rehabilitation clinic for those suffering from mental illnesses and drug addictions.

These centres are located in Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi.

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Support for acid attack survivors

The Acid Survivors Foundation (ASF) provides assistance to survivors of acid attacks. It strives to ensure that survivors can lead a self-determined life again. .

Support includes, for example:

  • Placement in rehabilitation programmes
  • Legal assistance
  • Offers to promote personal development

This support is offered nationwide and is free of charge.

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Support for children, women and senior citizens in need

The Chhipa Welfare Association offers the following assistance:

  • Meals in Chhipa centres throughout Pakistan
  • Assistance to victims of accidents and disasters
  • Financial assistance to buy food
  • Accommodation for orphans, vulnerable women, children and senior citizens
  • Care for orphans and street children

These services are available without charge throughout Pakistan.

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Support for children

The Child Protection and Welfare Bureau (CPWB) provides food and shelter to children. It also offers them education and training courses. It has moreover established a youth court which deals with matters relating to custody, guardianship and the reunification of children and parents. The CPWB also operates a helpline for children in need.

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Accident and emergency assistance

The Edhi Foundation offers various forms of help in times of need. These include:

  • Emergency services for accident patients
  • Emergency aid in the event of natural disasters or fire
  • Emergency aid for refugees
  • Rehabilitation measures for people with drug addictions
  • Searching for missing persons
  • Grants for weddings of people in need
  • Food, clothing and blankets for those in need
  • Family counselling and help for pregnant women
  • Blood and plasma donations for those in need
  • Accommodation, food and assistance for people with mental problems
  • Accommodation and food for orphans and vulnerable children.

The foundation's services are free of charge and are available throughout Pakistan.

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