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Shelter for victims of violence

There is a safe place for victims of abuse: safe houses.

They protect people exposed to acute violence, such as women suffering abuse at home, victims of traffickers and targets of gender or sexual orientation maltreatment.

Safe houses provide security, safe and free accommodation and food, psychosocial support, counselling, psychotherapy and legal assistance.

There are many safe houses in cities all over Serbia, often run by local municipalities. If you cannot find one quickly, you can call the DIMAK centre for advice. You can find the contact data here:

Worth knowing Place: Serbia Costs: free of charge Target group: victims of abuse and violence
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For foster and adoptive parents

You would like to take in a foster child? You can prepare yourself for this.

The Centre for Birth and Development Novi Sad (Centar za porodični smeštaj i usvojenje Novi Sad) trains people who want to become foster parents.

It helps children find safe homes with them. It also mediates in adoption.

The centre was founded by the government of Vojvodina.

You can find more information under:

Worth knowing Place: Novi Sad, Vojvodina Costs: free of charge
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Advice on all aspects of reintegration

You can get information and advice from the German Information Centre for Migration, Training and Employment (DIMAK). Each consultation is designed exclusively to meet your needs.

This offer is aimed at:

  • Returnees from Germany and other countries
  • Locals who are interested in emigrating to Germany

DIMAK helps you with your return and reintegration and can refer you to the appropriate agencies. These can be governmental and non-governmental institutions dealing with areas like:

  • Job hunting in Serbia
  • How to start your own business in Serbia
  • How to assert your rights
  • The opportunities that may be available
  • “Social protection” as a key concept
  • Improving your qualifications

DIMAK's contacts can be found here.

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