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Educational grants and advisory service

The Roma Education Fund (REF) supports you in getting an education.

The REF is funded by KfW Development Bank. It awards grants which you can use to pay for your education. There is a public tender before every academic year or semester. This is where you can apply for a grant.

The REF can also give you advice. For example:

  • If you or your child want to sign up at a school
  • If you wish to enrol at a university
  • If you have to complete and submit official documents

The staff can provide you with information on application deadlines and important certificates. The REF has staff in various towns and cities. You can write an email.

The services are free of charge.


The services are free of charge.

Contact REF – Roma Education Fund Project “Improvement of possibilities for education and integration of Roma in Serbia, increasing employability of young Roma and reintegration of returnees”, administered by KfW Development Bank

Roma Education Fund
11000 Belgrade
Stevan Nikolić
Skerlićeva 35

Roma Education Fund
Ašim Saitvić
Cara Urosa 14b

Roma Education Fund
Tamara Simonovic
Urosa Predića 8

Roma Education Fund
Januš Kurtić
Vladičin Han

Roma Education Fund
Januš Kurtić