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Day centre for children

The Center for Youth Integration (CYI/CIM) has two drop-in shelters in Belgrade. The centres take care of children who live and work on the street. Children aged 5 to 15 can visit the centres.

They are provided with food and clothing. Children can wash there. The centres also help them get admission to a school. The centre makes sure children are able to take part in sports and leisure programmes.

Children cannot sleep at the centre.

See the Facebook page for further details. If you have questions, feel free to write an email or call. You do not have to pay for the services provided by these centres.


The services are free of charge.

Worth knowing For children aged 5 to 15.
Contact Center for Youth Integration (CYI/CIM)

Center for Youth Integration (CYI/CIM)
Drop-In Shelter
7a Krfska

Center for Youth Integration (CYI/CIM)
Drop-In Shelter
145 Bulevar Arsenija Černojevića
Novi Beograd

Mon-Fri: 08.00 – 18.00,
Sat-Sun: 11.00 - 16.00