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Close support with job hunting

The CORP project – Centre d’Orientation et de Reconversion Professionnelle (Centre for Orientation and Vocational Retraining) – gets young Tunisians ready for the jobs market. CORP knows what companies are looking for. Their advisors will help you create a suitable personal profile. The project assists you until you have signed your employment contract.

This offer includes:

  • Individual advice
  • Training in communication and the ability to work in a team
  • Creating CVs
  • Practice in interview techniques
  • Referral to a suitable company
  • Support during the entire application process

The German-Tunisian Chamber of Industry and Commerce (AHK Tunisia) is a project partner.

Worth knowing Places: Tunis and Sfax Language: Arabic, French Costs: free of charge Target group: academics, technicians and returnees

CORP – Centre d’Orientation et de Reconversion Professionnelle