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Finally standing on my own feet

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Finally standing on my own feet

My name is Ghafar. I'm Afghan and I'm 35 years old. I went to Germany in 2014 because I needed medical care that wasn't available in Afghanistan. I arrived in Germany alone and applied for asylum. My family stayed in Afghanistan.

I missed my family so much after 3 years in Germany that I thought about returning. At that time, I already had contact with "Kompass".  This is an advice centre for economic assistance in Frankfurt where I was able to discuss my situation in peace and quiet. At "Kompass" I was given information about how returning to Afghanistan works. They also explained to me what would happen when I got there. There's a counselling hotline in Afghanistan that you can call for example.

I returned in 2017 and contacted the hotline. The conversation gave me good advice: very sensitive and practical. I found out where I could get further help and some money for accommodation. After applying for this assistance, I received housing benefits from the "International Organisation for Migration" (IOM) and psychosocial counselling from the "International Psychosocial Organisation (IPSO).

I also found a job at IPSO. I now work there as a Community Leader! The "Returning to New Opportunities" bridging programme has helped me stand on my own feet. I received fantastic support. I don't regret returning.

As of 12/2019

The opportunities for advice and assistance described here are offered as part of “Returning to New Opportunities”.

"The 'Returning to New Opportunities' programme has helped me stand on my own feet."
Ghafar, Afghanistan