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Country experiences:

Finally standing on my own feet

My name is Ghafar. I'm Afghan and I'm 35 years old. I went to Germany in 2014 because I needed medical care that wasn't available in Afghanistan. I arrived in Germany alone and applied for asylum. My family stayed in Afghanistan.

I missed my family so much after 3 years in Germany that I thought about returning. At that time, I already had contact with "Kompass".  This is an advice centre for economic assistance in Frankfurt where I was able to discuss my situation in peace and quiet. At "Kompass" I was given information about how returning to Afghanistan works. They also explained to me what would happen when I got there. There's a counselling hotline in Afghanistan that you can call for example.

I returned in 2017 and contacted the hotline. The conversation gave me good advice: very sensitive and practical. I found out where I could get further help and some money for accommodation. After applying for this assistance, I received housing benefits from the "International Organisation for Migration" (IOM) and psychosocial counselling from the "International Psychosocial Organisation (IPSO).

I also found a job at IPSO. I now work there as a Community Leader! The "Returning to New Opportunities" bridging programme has helped me stand on my own feet. I received fantastic support. I don't regret returning.

As of 12/2019

"The 'Returning to New Opportunities' programme has helped me stand on my own feet."
Ghafar, Afghanistan