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Country experiences:

Happiness in an adopted country

I was born in Gabon. My parents named me Fatou. I graduated from school in 2013. I then moved to Ghana. I wanted to attend a language school there to improve my English. That was intended to ease my entry into Europe. Europe was my ultimate goal! I was hoping to find better prospects there.

But things turned out differently: after leaving the language school, I remained in Ghana and studied telecommunications technology. I learned of the German-Ghanian Employment, Migration and Reintegration Centre after graduating from university. I obtained useful job application training there and was given individual advice about my career options. The advice team also suggested I apply to a nearby telecommunications centre. This meant I was able use my knowledge from the training – and was given the job!

Today I am happy and grateful. The centre helped me to get this position. I therefore have a new outlook in my adopted country of Ghana.

I was able to use my knowledge from the training and was given a job in Ghana.
Gabun, Ghana
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