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Cakes for Pristina

Mirëdita nga Prishtina – Hello from Pristina! I am Euresa. A few years ago, I went to Germany with my family. I was just 17 years old at the time. We wanted to build a new life there, but were refused asylum. So we returned to our homeland in mid-2016.

I went to the German Information Centre on Migration, Employment and Careers (DIMAK) to obtain information about my job prospects. DIMAK helped me turn my passion into an occupation: baking! Now I earn money selling cakes and gateaus that I make together with my mother.

We are currently selling our baked goods via the Internet. But I dream of having my own shop and creating jobs for other people in Kosovo.

As of 01/2019

My mother and I bake cakes and gateaus that we sell via the Internet.
Euresa, Kosovo