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Proud entrepreneur in Kosovo

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Proud entrepreneur in Kosovo

My name is Sadije B. I live in Kosovo, I'm 38 years old and I'm an experienced seamstress. I have even started my own small business in Obilić because I went to a reintegration programme offered by the German government. But let's start at the beginning.

In 2015, I joined the many people who left Kosovo for Germany. But I soon realised after a few months that I had the wrong ideas about life and the opportunities on offer there, so I decided to return to Kosovo. GIZ provided me with a financial contribution, which was enough for the basic equipment, but not enough for my own tailor's shop. I was finally able to start my own company with extra funding from the Kosovo Ministry of Regional Development.

I then opened a small tailor's shop in 2018 in a good location in Obilić. I was soon able to expand my business and I've become well known for my sewing and tailoring. My business label is "Atele Anisa", and it has its own logo and website. I now employ three seamstresses. There is so much demand that I'm looking to employ another three people, who I would be happy to mentor. When I was setting up my business I was also given a huge amount of support from the "D&D Business Support Center", which collaborates with GIZ.

Among other things, the GIZ advice team helped me design my logo, prepare a business plan and apply for further funding to help start my business. Even now, they still support me with help and advice – for example they put me in contact with some large textile companies who I might also be able to provide tailoring services for.

I would advise everyone to first investigate what opportunities are available locally before going abroad.

As of 04/2019

The opportunities for advice and assistance described here are offered as part of “Returning to New Opportunities”.

When I was setting up my business I was given a huge amount of support.
Sadije B., Kosovo