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A future in Senegal

My name is Mame. I went to Germany in 2015. Although my asylum application was refused. So I returned to Senegal. But it was difficult to find enough work here as an electrician. I therefore wanted to return to Germany. I even had a training position in Munich. Nevertheless, I was not granted a visa.

Finally the German-Senegalese Job, Migration and Reintegration Centre helped me. How? With comprehensive advice about my options in Senegal. This helped me find a job at 'Bavaria House' in Thiès. This is a collaboration between Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) and the German federal state of Bavaria and is part of the project “Successful in Senegal”. I work here as a technician. Exactly what appeals to me! I can also receive training in the field of solar technology. So I no longer need to emigrate. Bavaria has come to my homeland instead.

I found a job as a technician at 'Bavaria House' in my homeland!
Mame, Senegal
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