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Training as the key

..Mehrere Männer stehen um einen Tisch herum, auf dem verschiedene Rohre liegen.
Laying pipes properly: An instructor explains to the participants of the course how it is done.

Training as the key

A more social Afghanistan – that is the objective pursued by Better Makers Social Organization (BMSO). It is a partner in “Returning to New Opportunities”, a programme run by the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ), and promotes vocational and societal integration within Afghanistan. Five questions and answers about the organisation.

Who can use the services offered by BMSO?
The Better Makers Social Organization mainly works with returnees from Germany and other European countries. Its services are also focused on internally displaced persons and on locals seeking new opportunities.

How does BMSO provide assistance?
BMSO offers intensive training courses relating to careers that are in demand in Afghanistan. This makes it easier for people to enter the job market. The organisation also advises course participants who later want to become self-employed.

Zwei Männer stehen an einer Wand mit Rohren, einer hält eine Bohrmaschine in der Hand.
Let's get down to practice: Here, what was learned in the course is put into practice.

Are there examples of cases where participants have successfully found a job again?
Parviz for instance came back to Afghanistan from Germany in 2016. He completed training with BMSO as a mobile phone repair technician. Now he runs his own small business. Another example is Ahmad. This young man spent large parts of his childhood in Iran, and has been living back in Afghanistan since 2011. He took part in BMSO training to become a pipe fitter and is now working as a freelance tradesman.

Finding work again is one thing. Does BMSO also assist returnees to reintegrate into society?
Vocational and societal integration often go hand in hand. A good example of this is Ughul. She took part in training to become a dressmaker and in further training. She met a lot of new friends there. These courses in particular enable women who would otherwise spend most of their time at home to make new friendships and be part of the community. BMSO also organises theatre performances and sporting events to promote social contact and bring different groups together. This has of course been restricted by the corona pandemic, and even the training courses can only be held under the strictest hygiene rules.

What links BMSO with the people who need assistance?  
Returnees are mostly referred to BMSO by “Returning to New Opportunities” and the International Organization for Migration (IOM). Many of those taking part in the training courses have also learned about the organisation via friends, the media or social networks.