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Confectionery from Tunisia

"Marhaba min Tunis" (hello from Tunisia) – this is how I greet everyone who comes to Tunisia. My name is Selim. Like many young Tunisians, I used to dream of living abroad. I wanted to pursue a career. But I changed my mind after studying business administration: I stayed in Tunisia.

A friend and I had the idea of producing confectionery in north-eastern Tunisia. What did we need for this? In the first instance a feasibility study. We wanted to work out whether our business idea was realistic.

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) supported us. Production will start shortly if everything goes smoothly. This will also create new jobs – so we can offer prospects for other young people locally.

As of 01/2019

Producing confectionery and providing employment for people in Tunisia – these are our objectives.
Selim, Tunisia