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Working in the hotel industry

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Working in the hotel industry

Working in a hotel offers great job prospects for many Albanians. The country is attracting ever more tourists – but there’s a shortage of trained personnel. Artan and Sidorela took part in an eight-week intensive training course.

The hospitality sector is becoming increasingly important to Albania. More and more tourists are interested in taking a holiday there. New hotels are opening every season. But there is a shortage of trained staff. Artan and Sidorela are benefiting from this opportunity.


Advisor Zana Dobruna talking with participants at the hotel training course.

A great opportunity

The hospitality sector may offer good prospects, but many Albanians still go abroad to find work – often without success. The German Information Centre on Migration, Vocational Training and Career (DIMAK) in Albania offers various professional development courses for better job opportunities every year. Around 160 participants were able to join a “On the job training and internship” programme “Working in hotel” in 2022. This eight-week professional development training and internship taught interested attendees about the different functions involved in running a hotel. A further 80 people took part in this course at the start of 2023.

“DIMAK chose four hotels in the four Albanian cities of Shkodra, Tirana, Durrës and Vlora to ensure that as many people as possible could join the training. The participants gained experience of working in the reception, bar, restaurant, customer service and kitchen”, explains Zana Dobruna. She’s an employment support advisor at DIMAK Albania. “Many of them have returned from abroad and want a new start in Albania”, Dobruna goes on. They include 53-year-old Artan, who successfully took part in the work experience in summer 2022. He later went on to get a job in a hotel kitchen: “This training course was the best thing that could have happened to me at my age”, says Artan.

Artan took several detours before finding his dream job as a chef.

An indirect path to his dream job

He and his wife had previously tried in vain to apply for asylum in Germany. His application was refused twice. He didn’t have a job or enough money to care for his family when he returned to Albania. His basic knowledge as tailor and plumber weren’t much help to him. He and his wife spent some time living with acquaintances because their house had been damaged in an earthquake.

Artan turned his attention to a flyer that was provided to him while in Germany, just before returning in Albania. He contacted DIMAK and the team of advisors invited him to an initial appointment. He agreed straight away when they offered him the brief training in the hotel industry. His father had once worked as a cook and he wanted to do this too ever since he was a child. “The hotel manager offered me an employment contract even before I’d completed the training. Since then I’ve been working in the kitchen. My dream has become reality. Preparing salads is my favourite task”, says Artan with enthusiasm. His salary gives him and his family a sense of security.

Sidorela wants to use her retraining to work as a cook in the catering industry in the future.

Sidorela, a 26 year old humanities graduate, also wants to work as a cook. She took part in the second course in autumn 2022. “Cooking is my passion. And the standard at MK Hotel in Tirana is very high. They teach us a lot. This experience will help me to find a job in hospitality”, says Sidorela. She had studied Albanian literature, worked for various non-profit organisations and among other things had taught homeless children. But her work was always temporary. So Sidorela tried something new. She started working in a kitchen and liked it.

“Working in paradise”

The Flower Hotel in Golem, where Artan works, is situated on the coast close to Durrës. He often goes to the beach after work and enjoys the sea views. “Many fellow citizens are tempted to leave Albania. We tend to think it is better abroad than here. And yet we’re the paradise of Europe. We just need to be prepared to work. And sometimes all that’s needed is a bit of help to get started, like the support DIMAK gave me”, Artan declares.


“Working in the hotel industry”-Programme

The training will be offered again in February and March 2023 in partnership with the National Agency for Employment and Skills .

This paid eight-week work experience familiarises with the following activities involved in running a hotel:

  • Hospitality and care for hotel clients
  • Cleaning of hotel rooms and environment and auxiliary works in laundry
  • Preparatory processes for cooking food in the hotel 
  • Auxiliary works for serving food and drinks in the hotel

Participating hotels are:

  • MK Hotel in Tirana
  • Hotel Regina in Vlora
  • Flower Hotel & Resorts in Golem near Durrës
  • Hotel Colosseo in Shkodra
They teach us a lot. This experience will help me to find a job in hospitality.

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