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Bakery skills with a future

Bakery skills with a future

My name is Igrita and I come from Albania. I emigrated to Germany with my husband and three daughters in January 2016. What did we want? A better life! It actually went well: my husband found work as a welder, I as a cleaner and the children attended school. They quickly learned German. Yet we missed our family, our friends and our culture in Albania. So we returned in January 2017.

But we had a difficult start in our homeland. The school year in Germany was not recognised and the children found it difficult to integrate into Albanian school lessons. Moreover, my husband and I could not find a new job. There simply weren't enough vacancies, and therefore too little work to sustain us.

So we contacted the German Information Centres for Migration, Training and Careers (DIMAK). We wanted to know how we could find work and establish a new life in Albania. And we were successful! My daughter Altea and I love baking. She likes making cakes and sweet pastries, I like traditional baking skills. DIMAK therefore introduced Altea to a confectionery course. And I was able to learn new recipes in a bakery course. Our little dream: a joint mother and daughter bakery.

There is a large demand for good bakeries in Kamza, our home town. We would therefore like to open our own store eventually. There I can bake the many different types of bread that I learned on the course. Altea will then bake the cakes and pastries. And my husband has already found new work thanks to the helpful DIMAK advisor.

As of 01/2019

The opportunities for advice and assistance described here are offered as part of “Returning to New Opportunities”.

My daughter Altea and I have our little dream: a joint bakery in our home town Kamza.
Igrita Kovaçi, Albanien

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