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This is how the EGC’s job placement service works

The right place to visit if you’re looking for a job.

This is how the EGC’s job placement service works

Are you looking for a job, education or training? Then come to the Egyptian-German Centre for Jobs, Migration and Reintegration (EGC). Here we answer the most important questions about job placement.

What is job placement?

Job placement is a service that brings employers and employees together. Job placement plays an important role in finding work. The EGC has a large database of job vacancies. This way we can help you find a suitable job.

How can the centre help me find a job?

You first meet with an EGC counsellor to talk about your expectations, your professional and other skills and your work experience. Based on this information, we will suggest jobs that are suitable for you. Our counsellors can also advise you on how to successfully manage an interview. If further questions arise once you have started your job, the centre will continue to provide help.

Do I have to pay for counselling?

The centre's services are free of charge.

Can I get support from the centre if I already have a job?

Yes. The centre offers employability training. At the training you will acquire important skills that will improve your chances on the labour market and help you to be successful in your job. It covers 4 modules: Communication, organisational Skills and Time Management, Teamwork and Problem Solving.

Does completing the training at the centre guarantee me a job?

The training increases your chances of getting a job and finding a job that better matches your qualifications. However, there is no guarantee.

How can the centre help me find a job abroad?

The Centre offers a free introductory session explaining the necessary steps. To register for this session, please call us on +20227519410 or +20122744565 from Sunday to Thursday between 9:30am and 3:30pm. You can also contact us via our Facebook page with a private message.



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