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Discover new opportunities in Iraq

We support you free of charge on your way to new job prospects. You can also contact us if you've returned to Iraq. We can help you with looking for a job or starting a business, for example.


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Our services

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The German Centre for Jobs, Migration and Reintegration (GMAC) welcomes you. You can get information and individual advice on the following topics:

  • Job opportunities and training in Iraq
  • Business start-up

We also arrange trainings on various topics:

  • Job search and applications
  • Digital skills 

Insights into our work

How women in Iraq can become self-employed

Returning to your country of origin isn’t always easy. Yet support from the GMAC and its partner organisation Heartland Alliance International enables women to establish their own businesses in Iraq. This is also what returnees Nahlah and Ahlam experienced. These two women are running successful online businesses in Baghdad respectively selling clothing and cosmetics.

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“Returning is a big step”

Redar, 34, is an advisor at the GMAC in Erbil. He talks here about how returnees can benefit from GMAC services.

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Where traumatised women and men find help

Opening up, speaking about your experiences and gaining confidence: a GMAC workshop gave returnees the opportunity to do just that. It also included discussion of trauma and gender-specific challenges.

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“We offer the opportunity for a new beginning”

Selar is an advisor at the GMAC in Erbil. Here she talks about the daily routine her work provides.

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“Get informed as early as possible”

Kalie is an advisor at the Iraqi-German Centre for Jobs, Migration and Reintegration in Iraq (GMAC). In the interview, she explains what her job entails and which kind of outcome makes her happy.

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Contributing my experiences from Germany to Iraq

My name is Taif. I’m 35 years old and married with two sons. I wanted to find a safe life for my family and to develop our career prospects in Germany. But we weren’t granted a residence permit. Back in Iraq, however, we’ve found what we were looking for. Some start-up assistance enabled me to open a car repair workshop.

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Successful return

My name is Zanko and I was born in Erbil in 1986. I left for Germany in 2017, because I wanted to get ahead in my career. During my time there, however, I realised what's really important in life. I returned to Iraq and now run my own car maintenance service.

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Country experiences

Starting over with cucumbers and radishes

After our return, my wife and I started all over again: growing vegetables is now our future.

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Contributing my experiences from Germany to Iraq

Establishing my own workshop has transformed my life.

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Back to family

I went to Germany to get ahead in my career. Discover why I'm living in Erbil again and how I managed to return.

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Satisfaction on the menu

My name is Bilal. After the financial crisis, I left Iraq and went to Germany in 2015. I wanted to find a better life there. I arrived in Germany after 12 days of travelling without proper meals or accommodation. My hope was to discover a solution to my problems.

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Success as a hairdresser in Erbil

My name is Bestoon; I'm 32 years old and come from Erbil in Iraq. I am married and have two children. We all went together to Germany in 2018, because the situation in Iraq was very difficult for us. But we didn't have a great time in Germany either. Today we're back in Erbil and I have a new career. Now I'm a hairdresser.

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Services provided by our partners

Work and starting a business, training and professional development, psychosocial health and emergency support – our partners also provide numerous services related to these and other aspects. Our advisory team will be happy to refer you to the appropriate organisation. You can get an overview of what is available here.