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Nigerian-German Centre for Jobs, Migration and Reintegration (NGC)

Beratung im GIZ Zentrum Nigeria

Nigerian-German Centre for Jobs, Migration and Reintegration (NGC)

The Nigerian-German Centre for Jobs, Migration and Reintegration is open to everyone. We are there to assist if you are returning to Nigeria or if you live in Nigeria. You can receive information and advice on the following:

  • Job opportunities and training in Nigeria
  • Starting afresh in Nigeria if you are returning
  • Options for regular migration to Germany

You are welcome to visit the centres in Lagos, Abuja or Benin. It is best to arrange an appointment in advance, so that we have enough time for you. You can also call our advisors or send them your questions via email. You do not have to pay for this advice.

We can support you in developing job prospects and refer you to employers. Implementing your project ideas is also something we can help you with. We can gladly refer you to our partner organisation if you are seeking temporary accommodation after returning to Nigeria. You can also reliably turn to us if you are seeking psychosocial support.

The advice centre and its partners jointly arrange information and training events. We also help you find a job. Several training courses have been developed for this:

  • Employability training: This is a specialized training and mentoring session targeted at enhancing the employability skills of job seekers towards getting them into employment.
  • Entrepreneurial  trainings: these programmes help you if you want to start your own business. You learn in very practical ways how to run and successfully manage a company or business. Short term technical trainings address a wide range of professions and business areas. These include craft activities such as shoemaking, bakery and Confectioneries or sewing face masks as well as work in the service sector, for example in fashion design or website programming. We prepare you specifically for starting a job or setting up a business in these areas.

In addition, together with our partners, we offer numerous other trainings, including digital training formats on digital topics. These include webinars on topics such as artificial intelligence, app development, digital marketing, block chain and cyber security.

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Insights into our work

Frau Vermuijten

Individual Counselling

We have different target groups – these include unemployed young people, refugees within their own country and returning migrants. The services that we provide are tailored to their individual needs: psychosocial support, social integration, but also help for returning migrants in finding temporary accommodation and with any possible health issues. We offer a range of training courses to help people integrate back into society and the workforce. Here they can get the training they need to start out in a new career or learn new skills, for example in information and communication technologies.

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Eine junge Frau mit einer Bäckermütze auf dem Kopf blickt in die Kamera.

Starting over as a baker

Many young people in Nigeria have the same sobering experience: they finish school, sometimes even have a university degree, and cannot find a job. Some leave the country in search of better opportunities. This is where the training in baking and confectionery that the German-Nigerian Centre for Jobs, Migration and Reintegration (NGC) facilitates comes in. It is aimed in particular at young women in search of career prospects. They receive professional training at the "Amena Entrepreneurial Academy" in Benin City. They also receive support to start their own business after graduation. Here, three graduates talk about the training and their plans.

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Cynthia näht eine Maske

Training & Support

Cynthia was planning to open her own fashion store in Nigeria – then along came the COVID-19 pandemic. Now Cynthia is sewing face coverings, but this public order gives her some financial security even during the crisis.

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Successful with a chicken farm

I now live with my family in Nigeria again and raise poultry. You can make it here too. 

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Country experiences

Success in establishing a chicken farm

Now I’m now back living with my family in Nigeria and raising poultry. It is possible to achieve something here.

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New start with a dream job

My route to Europe ended in Libya, but now my brother and I are running our own tailoring business in our home country of Nigeria.

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My company, my future

My name is Jerry and I come from Nigeria. A scholarship enabled me to study engineering in the UK for a year in 2014. After that it became clear to me: I wanted to return to Nigeria and utilise my knowledge in my homeland.

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Further opportunities

Return counselling in Germany

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Vocational training

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Psychosocial health

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Assistance after returning

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Job search and job offers

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Short training courses in Germany

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Support in emergency situations

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Families and children

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Starting a business

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Trainings and further education

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Financial support

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Additional offers for women

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