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Success in establishing a chicken farm

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Success in establishing a chicken farm

My name is Charles. I'm 37 years old and I come from Nigeria. I’ve managed to make a success as a chicken farmer in my home country. If I’d known I could do that beforehand, I’d never have tried to emigrate. Now I’m living together with my family again. This new start with my own business means I can provide them with what they need.

I grew up in a poor family – my parents never had much money. I wanted my three children to have a better life than that. A lot of my friends emigrated to Europe after leaving school, and they sent money back to their families at home. I wanted to do the same, but I only got as far as Libya and ultimately had to come back home. My dream had been shattered.

Charles also sells his chickens to private individuals.

A training course and 60 birds to get him started

I was happy to be back with my family in Edo State, along with my mother, my wife and my children, but I had to start all over again with nothing. Then by chance I learned about Caritas. The advisory team there explained to me that they offer training courses particularly for returnees like me. The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH arranged for me to take part in a training course on chicken farming. It lasted a week, and after that I was given some initial help to get me started: 60 small chicks, as well as feed and equipment.

I managed to rear the chickens and sell them. The proceeds went towards paying my debts and buying new birds. I built the chicken coop right on my property next to our home. My customers are mainly from the retail sector, but I do also have some private customers.

Charles has built the chicken coop right next to his home.

My work is a great motivator for me, because I’m the proud owner of my own business. It means I can build a future for myself and my family. Emigrating is not worthwhile, and it’s too dangerous. You can succeed here in Nigeria too!

As of: 01/2021

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My work is a great motivator for me, because I’m the proud owner of my own business.

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