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German Information Centre on Migration, Training and Employment (DIMAK)

Beratungszentrum Serbien

German Information Centre on Migration, Training and Employment (DIMAK)

The "German Information Centre for Migration, Training and Employment" in Belgrade helps returnees from Germany and other countries to reintegrate socially and economically into life in Serbia. The centre also advises locals about the new career opportunities in their own country.

DIMAK provides advice and support and its topics include:

  • Return and reintegration
  • Vocational guidance and job hunting in Serbia
  • Starting a business in Serbia
  • Vocational qualifications and training
  • Psychosocial support

We offer you individual advice in our DIMAK offices, by phone or via WhatsApp, e-mail or Facebook Messenger. Please arrange an appointment for advice either in person or by phone. This enables us to plan enough time for you and your questions. All our advice services are free of charge.

DIMAK also works closely with the National Employment Service in Serbia and its migration service centres in Belgrade, Niš, Novi Sad, Novi Pazar, Kruševac, Kraljevo and Bor. Our centre also takes part in job and careers fairs that are held across the country. These events are organised by the employment service and exist to match jobseekers with employers in Serbia. 

DIMAK also cooperates with various district and national institutions, civic organisations, initiatives and projects. We can therefore offer a comprehensive advice service. Our partners include:

  • The Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veterans and Social Policy of the Republic of Serbia
  • The Serbian National Employment Service
  • The Commissariat for Refugees and Migration of the Republic of Serbia (KIRS)
  • The Serbian Chamber of Commerce and the German-Serbian Chamber of Commerce (AHK Serbia)

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Insights into our work

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Video: How we help you to return to your home country

Returning home and reintegration in achievable steps. This video shows you how the services provided by “Returning to New Opportunities” can help you with this. You will learn

  • how you can plan your return to your home country even while still in Germany
  • and the opportunities for help that are available.

You will see

  • who will advise you locally after you arrive back home, so that you can turn your plans into reality and make your new start.
Das Bild zeigt ein Handy mit einer offenen App

An app for new opportunities

Among other things, you can use the RE:INTEGRATE Serbia app to discover what opportunities the programme offers in Serbia. There you’ll see an overview of all the services offered by the German Information Centre on Migration, Vocational Training and Career (DIMAK) and its partners. DIMAK is the first point of contact for all questions relating to Returning to New Opportunities.

This free app is available via Google Play.

Telefonische Beratung

"These people's problems are also my problems"

Tamara Vučenović is an advisor at the German Information Centre on Migration, Training and Employment (DIMAK) in Serbia. She assists returnees to come back to their country of origin and build new prospects for themselves there. In addition to returnees, DIMAK target group also includes both the local population and internally displaced persons.

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Ein Mann und eine Frau sprechen in einer Online-Konferenz miteinander.

Virtual job fairs – a format with a future

Getting to know your future employer online – virtual job fairs make it possible. The German Information Centres for Migration, Vocational Training and Career (DIMAK) in Serbia and Albania also use this format. In a joint interview, Marija Brankovic from DIMAK Serbia and Earli Shima from DIMAK Albania talk about their experiences with virtual job fairs and the challenges and opportunities of the concept.

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Happy to be home again

My name is Zagorka. I’m 28 years old and live in Knjaževac in Serbia. I am divorced with two children, and I spent a long time trying to establish a life for myself in Germany. But it never really felt like home there. Our asylum application was refused so we came back to Serbia, where a short course training as a beautician has allowed me to gain a foothold in the industry.

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Virtueller Messeraum mit Avataren

The first virtual job fair was a great success

Around 7,500 participants meant that the network meeting was fully booked. The numerous services offered at the job fair included three online seminars on topics such as “My rights when establishing a working relationship”.

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“My work gives me financial security”

My name is Marina. I’m married with three children and four grandchildren. My husband and I wanted to build a future for our family in Germany. After three years though, we came back to Serbia. Thanks to the support I've been given I've been able to set up my own business here.

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Services provided by our partners

Work and starting a business, training and professional development, psychosocial health and emergency support – our partners also provide numerous services related to these and other aspects. Our advisory team will be happy to refer you to the appropriate organisation. You can get an overview of what is available here.

Country experiences

Firmly established as a physiotherapist

I received help in 2019 to open a physiotherapy practice in Serbia. I’m really happy now. You can also realise your ambitions in your own country.

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“My work gives me financial security”

I’ve successfully set up a cleaning service in Serbia.

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After coming back home, the family is focusing on education and training

A father with four daughters is hoping for a good future for his children. The German Information Centre for Migration, Training and Employment (DIMAK) is assisting the family on its path.

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Happy to be home again

I found my new professional home in a beauty salon in Serbia. My path to get here was a long and difficult one.

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My own IT company

Starting a company that focuses on internet marketing gives him hope: Emiliano has built a new future for himself in Serbia after returning from Germany. Today, he is planning to further expand the business and hire several new employees.

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Using your own company to create new opportunities

My name is Saša. I was born in Kruševac in central Serbia and have returned there after several years in Germany. Because in the meantime I was able to start my own company in Serbia – something I'd always dreamed of doing. But I also received some support. This is my story:

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