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Safety and a family

Safet was trained in professional cleaning.

Safety and a family

My name is Safet and I come from Serbia. After working in my homeland for a long time as an unskilled bricklayer and decorator, I tried my luck in Germany. Although it was difficult to find a job there. So I considered returning to Serbia. Then the decision was made for me. The German authorities deported me.

But this was a good thing in the end: after returning to Serbia, a friend told me about the Akademie Edukativa. It helps returnees to start a career. I applied there straight away – a great decision. The academy helped me to train as a specialist cleaner and find a job with the company Teribo. We remove graffiti and maintain buildings. We are one big family at work. So I am glad to go there every day.

Currently I mostly work at the stadium of the Red Star Belgrade football club. I clean the stadium for every game. I remove dangerous objects to keep the spectators safe. My colleagues now call me Safety instead of Safet. They enjoy the wordplay.

As of 01/2019

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'We are one big family at work. So I am glad to go there every day.
Safet, Serbien

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