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Startfinder is your launchpad.

You want to reshape your future.
You need advice.
Startfinder can help you.

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Startfinder can inform you about the opportunities available

Startfinder is a programme run by the German government. Its services support people with finding new opportunities: in their countries of origin, on their journey to Germany, in the EU or within their region.

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Startfinder addresses ...

… people who want to migrate to Germany, the EU (European Union) or within their region, and who want more information.

… people who have returned from Germany or other countries and need help to reintegrate.

… people in particular who are vulnerable in their countries of origin and who are seeking opportunities there.

Startfinder provides information for the following countries

These countries have Centres for Migration and Development. These centres provide information on various topics, such as: The opportunities that exist for legal migration to another country and for working there. What you need to do and how to prepare yourself. Or how you can find a job after returning or start your own business. The advisory teams also provide information on medical and psychosocial assistance, care and education for children and on finding somewhere to live.

You can find advisory centers in the following countries:

Their advice is free of charge and is non-binding

The advice provided by these centres is available to everyone, free of charge and confidential. The advisors can arrange a training course for you or support you with applications depending on your needs and requirements.

You will find these on this website

Advisory services:

Here you will find the contact details for advice centres in the countries of origin. Click on the Advisory services menu item and select a country. There you will also find information about the services, training courses or professional development provided by the centres.

Progress reports

The progress reports menu item contains reports where people talk about their personal stories. They tell us how they were helped and what happened next. Our blog also contains posts by members of staff at the advisory centres who provide insights into their work, and various programmes are presented.


We’ve also recorded some videos for you. You’ll find these videos on the individual country pages. Or visit our Startfinder YouTube channel. There you’ll find a collection of all the videos.

Who is behind Startfinder?

Startfinder is a service provided by GIZ, the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit GmbH. The GIZ operates Startfinder on behalf of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).