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Starting over as a baker

Many young people in Nigeria have the same sobering experience: they finish school, sometimes even have a university degree, and cannot find a job. Some leave the country in search of better opportunities. This is where the training in baking and confectionery that the German-Nigerian Centre for Jobs, Migration and Reintegration (NGC) facilitates comes in.

It is aimed in particular at young women in search of career prospects. They receive professional training at the "Amena Entrepreneurial Academy" in Benin City. They also receive support to start their own business after graduation. Here, three graduates talk about the training and their plans.


Emeti: "I have already received my first orders"

"My name is Emeti, I am 25 years old. When I finished school three years ago, I couldn't find a job. I would have liked to do an apprenticeship in catering, but I didn't have the money. A friend told me about the NGC. I was profiled by an advisor at the NGC and referred to the baking and confectioneries training. In the meantime, I have successfully completed the training. My motivation to take part in the training? I still want to start my own business as a catering entrepreneur and need the necessary knowledge and skills to do so. With the help of the new knowledge, I will be my own boss and earn my own living.

During the training, we also learned how to operate the necessary tools. In order for us to start our business, we were provided with a mixing machine, baking pans and a mobile oven. So I was able to start right away and already take my first orders."


Temitope: "My family has a perspective again"

"My name is Temitope. Eleven years ago, I graduated from university with a degree in media communication. But I did not find a suitable job and therefore took poorly paid jobs. During this time, I discovered baking for myself and it became my dream to turn my hobby into my profession.

I learnt that the NGC supports budding entrepreneurs like me, so I went to the Centre where I was profiled and referred to the baking and confectioneries training. So I learnt how to bake professionally and also learnt about the opportunities I have in this career field.

I not only have to support myself, but also my children. We need money for food, rent and school fees. In the past, I often had financial difficulties. Today, I see myself making a positive change in our lives by starting a baking and confectionery business."


Precious: "I want to pass on my knowledge to young people"

"My name is Precious, I am 25 years old and I studied laboratory technology. Unfortunately, when I graduated in 2019, I couldn't find a job in my field. Instead, I took a job that was not challenging and paid little. My dream is therefore to be professionally self-employed. With my training as a baker and confectioner, I am well on my way to realising this dream. During the training, we not only learnt the craft, but also got important advice along the way. We learned a lot about starting a business and how to run a company successfully in the long term.

I want to pass on my motivation to others: I plan to train young people and encourage them. They should also realise that after leaving school, a paid job is not their only option, but that there are many solutions, for example an apprenticeship. Self-employment also requires a portion of courage, you have to be creative and believe in yourself. I can tell you: courage will be rewarded one day."

As of: 05/2021

With the help of the new knowledge, I will be my own boss and earn my own living.

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