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“Skilled workers wanted”

Sandra Vermuijten is head of the NGC.

“Skilled workers wanted”

Sandra Vermuijten manages the Nigerian-German Centre for Jobs, Migration and Reintegration (NGC). In a short interview she speaks about the work done by her team.

How do you and your team support those seeking your advice?
Sandra Vermuijten: We have different target groups – these include unemployed young people, refugees within their own country and returning migrants. The services that we provide are tailored to their individual needs: psychosocial support, social integration, but also help for returning migrants in finding temporary accommodation and with any possible health issues. We offer a range of training courses to help people integrate back into society and the workforce. Here they can get the training they need to start out in a new career or learn new skills, for example in information and communication technologies.

What opportunities do you see in Nigeria at the moment?
Even though unemployment in Nigeria is high, there is still a demand for skilled workers in certain industries. We support returnees in finding a job or setting up their own company. Often this means micro or small enterprises in the service sector. Some people starting up their own business also decide to go into craft trades or agriculture. We advise people to build on their skills and experience and to look for a job which guarantees them an adequate income.

What motivates you in your work?
Getting people into jobs and seeing the positive results it brings them. I've been working in politics for years, but this is a project which gives people tangible results straight away. It’s an opportunity to provide concrete support to young Nigerians which will help them realise their dreams. They are already so talented that it’s a real inspiration to me.