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Success as a hairdresser in Erbil

Bestoon has opened his own salon.

Success as a hairdresser in Erbil

My name is Bestoon; I'm 32 years old and come from Erbil in Iraq. I am married and have two children. We all went together to Germany in 2018, because the situation in Iraq was very difficult for us. But we didn't have a great time in Germany either. Today we're back in Erbil and I have a new career. Now I'm a hairdresser. This is my story:
My family and I lived in refugee accommodation in Hesse for five months in 2018. That was a difficult time for us. We had to share a bathroom and kitchen with people from all over the world. The culture in Germany is also totally different to what we're used to in Iraq. I found it difficult to learn German and that meant I couldn't get a job. So I decided to return to Iraq.
Back in Iraq, we visited the "German Centre for Jobs, Migration and Reintegration", GMAC for short, in Erbil. There we were helped to make new plans for the future. I learned two things from the training: my craft and how to successfully start a business. Now I'm very proud to be a hairdresser and have my own business in Erbil. My wife is attending a course for dressmakers. The advice has helped us to discover new prospects.

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Now I'm very proud to have my own small business.
Bestoon, Irak

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