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A wide range of offers

Guidance on looking for a job, migration and reintegration.

A wide range of offers

Do you want to return to Egypt? Are you looking for a job or hoping to be self-employed? We at the EGC will welcome you and help to answer your questions on these and similar issues. You can read our FAQs to see how we can assist you and to find out which of the many services we offer are most suitable for you.

What is the EGC and what does it offer?

EGC stands for the Egyptian-German Centre for Jobs, Migration and Reintegration. We support you in finding a job or training programme. We also offer training so that you are well prepared for the labour market. We provide you with information on regular migration and working outside Egypt. If you are a returnee and would like support in reintegrating into society, you have come to the right place.

How does the Centre support me? What services are available?

WYou can contact the EGC directly. Our team will support you with information and advise you personally on job and training opportunities in Egypt. This service is aimed at both returnees and people from the local population who want to improve their job prospects. We arrange jobs in Egypt. And we support returnees in making a new start in their country of origin. The Centre also provides advice on regular migration.

Guidance on looking for a job, migration and reintegration.

Can only people of a certain age or gender take advantage of the Centre's offers?

There are no age or gender restrictions. We are especially happy if we can support young people. We accompany you on your way: when you are looking for a job or when you make a new start after returning home.

Can I also take advantage of the Centre's offer as a refugee or asylum seeker in Egypt?

Unfortunately, the centre's services are only available to Egyptians.

How can the Centre help me with my new start in Egypt?

You can contact us even before you return. We support you in preparing for your return to Egypt. To do this, we work closely with reintegration scouts. These colleagues work in Germany. While you are still in Germany, these men and women will support you in preparing for your return. They will also establish contact between you and the EGC counselling team. Together we will give you information and tips for a successful reintegration. This way you can make the best decisions for your situation. You are in control of your future path. Thorough preparation also increases your chances of a successful and smooth return to Egypt.

What programmes and training courses are offered? Who are these programmes suitable for?

We offer counselling, job placement and a variety of services. These include psychosocial support and training for people who want to improve their economic situation. We support women and men who want to start their own businesses. We also offer legal advice for returnees, referral to medical care and material start-up assistance. We can also help you find a place to live and enrol children in school. There are no limits to the services you can claim. We provide the services you need to achieve your goals.

Do I have to pay for counselling?

All EGC services and counselling are free of charge. There may be small fees for some courses and training with organisations we work with. However, we would also clarify this with you during the counselling sessions and talk about possible subsidies or alternatives..

Do I get money from the Centre?

The Centre does not give out money.

Do I have to speak German to take part in the courses?

All courses offered by the Centre are in Arabic, so no knowledge of German is required.

Does the Centre offer German courses?

The Centre does not offer German courses. But we do have information about where you can attend a German course. We will be happy to refer you if necessary.

In the case of regular migration to Germany, will I be given help in preparing my visa application documents?

The EGC team will only provide you with information about available labour migration opportunities in Germany. However, it does not support you in the visa application process.

As of: 01/2023

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