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A new start with a training course in motorbike mechanics

Ein Mann mit einem gelben Arbeitshelm steht neben einem Motorrad und arbeitet daran.
The participants are learning how to repair motorbikes.

A new start with a training course in motorbike mechanics

Learning a new profession or starting your own business is something many people dream of. The Pakistani-German Facilitation and Reintegration Centre (PGFRC) helps turn dreams into reality. It works together with partner organisations to hold vocational training courses, among other things. One of these is a training course in motorbike mechanics. A glimpse behind the scenes.

The dream of having your own workshop

Suleiman is standing beside a dismantled motorbike engine in a modern-looking workshop in the busy Sheikhupura Road district of Lahore. He is dipping each part of the carburettor into a solvent bath to give the parts a thorough clean. He is currently training to become a motorbike mechanic, which will enable him to open his own workshop in the near future. Suleiman came back to Pakistan just two years ago, and opened a shop selling replacement parts for motorbikes.

Die Hände eines Mannes bearbeiten einen zerlegten Motorradmotor, der auf einer Holzablage liegt. Daneben stehen Plastikflaschen mit verschiedenen Flüssigkeiten.
The whole is made up of many parts: participants working on a dismantled motorbike engine.

But he had to close his shop again a week after opening due to the corona pandemic. He carried on paying the rent for another 15 months, but in the end he was forced to give up his shop. Suleiman was worried about his future, but then he came across a social media advert for a training course in motorbike mechanics organised by the Pakistani-German Facilitation and Reintegration Centre (PGFRC). This was a stroke of luck. “I decided right away to improve my practical skills”, says Suleiman. “I’d like to set up a new workshop and put my business plans into action as soon as possible after this training”, he adds. He immediately contacted the PGFRC and registered for the training course.


Requirements, content and procedure

Studies show that becoming a motorbike mechanic is one of the most sought-after professions in Pakistan. The problem is that very few people working in this sector have the right training. The training course to become a motorbike mechanic is aimed both at returnees as well as locals. The PGFRC turned to the Infinity School of Engineering to run the course. It was founded in 2015, and since then has trained and taught over 6,500 individuals. The goal is to train people who can find work quickly and easily. Learning content in the training courses takes industry trends and technological progress into account.

The motorbike mechanics training lasts 45 days and focuses on practical aspects, though the participants also receive lessons in the theory of how to run a business. The course instructors are engineers working in the industry. Participants are able to enter working life with confidence after completing the course. The course aims to teach the trainees technical concepts and work processes as well as marketing skills and entrepreneurial knowledge. After successfully completing the training, the graduates are given a complete set of tools from the PGFRC to allow them to get started in the profession. This means they can equip their own motorbike workshop.

In einem großen Raum sitzen junge Männer mit blauen Kitteln an Tischen. An den Wänden hängen Werkzeuge. Die Männer schauen den Mann an, der vor ihnen steht und etwas erklärt.
The practical lessons take place in a large workshop.

Dreams become realistic opportunities

The practical lessons take place in a large workshop equipped with state-of-the-art mechanical tools and a number of motorbikes that the students can work on themselves during the training. There is a lecture hall at the back. Sitting in the first row is Suleiman, who came back to Pakistan in 2019.

One of the participants is a trainee named Ishaq. He learned about the training from his cousin. Ishaq had emigrated to Qatar in 2015, but came back to Pakistan after just five months because of health concerns. He had worked in a clothing shop since then, but he had always been interested in becoming a mechanic. This training course was the perfect opportunity. The mixture of technical skills and entrepreneurial training has helped me to understand how to build up a business. I’m planning to use the set of tools to run a mobile motorbike workshop. I can then drive to the customers and provide repair services on the spot”, explains Ishaq.

As of: 01/2022

The mix of technical skills and entrepreneurial training has helped me to understand how to build up a business.

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