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A delivery service on two wheels

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A delivery service on two wheels

My name is Maguette and I come from Dakar-Yarakh in Senegal. I was still a student when I set off for Spain. Now though I would advise anybody against making this dangerous and pointless journey. You can achieve so much in your own country as well.

I used to work during the school holidays to earn some money. My parents were already old and frail. Then my mother became ill. Her condition got worse, and my family could no longer manage financially. That’s why I decided to go to Spain. A lot of young people in my area were doing the same thing at the time. Everyone thought their problems would vanish into thin air once they got to Europe. But stepping onto Spanish soil is a long way from meaning that you’ve arrived in Spain. I was detained in the Canary Islands and placed in an immigrant camp. I spent six months living there and was then sent back to Senegal.

The entrepreneur is cleaning the motorbike that he uses to deliver to his customers.

Reassured by talking to a psychologist

It’s difficult to just carry on with daily life when you get back home after an experience like that. I took various different jobs and went to evening classes. I soon had to give the courses up again though, because the work took a lot out of me. I got depressed, but then things changed when I learned about the “House of Hope”. This organisation offers therapy sessions for returnees as well as other categories of people.

I had about ten sessions with a psychologist and got my worries off my chest. This liberated me and gave me some clarity and confidence. After that, someone put me in touch with the Senegalese-German Centre for Jobs, Migration and Reintegration (CSAEM). I presented my business idea to them: a delivery service via motorbike. I also wanted to use it to create jobs for other young people in my neighbourhood.

Maguette has settled back into life in Senegal.

New-found knowledge from a course on how to start a business

The CSAEM arranged for me to take part in a week-long seminar for people starting a business. I learned a lot there that I can apply today. I had already bought a motorbike with my own savings. The centre also helped me to buy two more vehicles, as well as a computer and some tables for the storeroom.

I work with online shops and deliver to private customers. My business started off very well, but then stagnated a bit due to the corona pandemic. I remain confident though, and I'm also proud of giving other young people a chance. That should stop them from climbing aboard a fishing boat to Spain. It should show them that you can be successful here too. I got married in the meantime, and I have set up my own household. I’m very happy.

As of: 07/2021

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You can achieve so much in your own country as well.

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