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Training for different jobs

KHCS Mother Teresa has seven training centres in:

  • Pristina
  • Mitrovica
  • Peja/Peć
  • Prizren
  • Ferizaj/Ferizaji
  • Gjilan/Gnjilane
  • Gjakova/Djakovica.

You can do courses at these centres in the following fields:

  • textiles
  • IT
  • business management
  • bookkeeping
  • electrical installation
  • heating installation
  • sanitary installation
  • car mechanics
  • food processing
  • metal processing
  • catering
  • baking.

If you would like to apply, send an email or Facebook message. You can also call the phone number.

Worth knowing Place: Pristina, Mitrovica, Peja/Peć, Prizren, Ferizaj/Ferizaji, Gjilan/Gnjilane, Gjakova/Djakovica.