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Answers to the most frequently asked questions

In einem Raum mit dunkelgrauem Boden sitzen sich an einem weißen Tisch ein junger Mann mit schwarzem T-Shirt, dunkelbrauner Hose und brauner Kappe und, halb hinter einer Wand verdeckt, ein Mann mit hellem Hemd gegenüber. Sie schauen gemeinsam auf einen Zettel.
In individual consultations, the counsellors ask what the people who are seeking advice need and give them tips.

Answers to the most frequently asked questions

What does the centre do?
We’re the contact point for Tunisians who have returned from Germany, and also for people from Tunisia who are seeking new opportunities. We meet with you individually to learn about your situation and to help decide what you need. If you’ve been abroad for a long time, then maybe you first need to find your way back into society in Tunisia. We can also help you do so. Above all, we work with you to develop a plan that enables you to be economically independent. We and our partners use our programmes to help you every step of the way. – Our main task is to support you on your path.

Do I have to pay for the information, counselling sessions and services offered by the centre?
No. The centre provides all its services free of charge, and is open to everyone who is interested. 

Will the centre help me to return to Germany?
We’re an information centre. Our task is to answer any questions you may have about migration, employment and reintegration in Tunisia. We discuss your own individual situation. 

In einem Raum mit dunkelgrauem Boden steht ein weißer, langer Tisch mit neun Stühlen. An einem Ende des Tischs stehen vor einer Glaswand die tunesische und die deutsche Flagge. Ein Schild an der Wand und ein Rollup-Banner tragen den Zentrumsnamen.
The German-Tunisian Centre for Jobs, Migration and Reintegration supports Tunisians in finding a future in Tunisia

I’ve heard that Germany pays money to returnees. Will I get money?
Germany does not pay money directly to returnees. The centre helps you to reintegrate into Tunisian society. There are special programmes for this, and many partners with whom we cooperate. You can learn a new profession or go back to your old profession. If you have a new idea for your future career, then we’ll work with you to consider how you can use it to build a livelihood. It may also later be possible for such a project to be financed. There are also continuing professional development and retraining programmes, which we organise together with our partners. Such programmes can involve financial support. It depends on the specific programme and partner organisation whether there is financial support, how much this could be, and the investments in your project that it could fund.  

How can the centre help me? 
The centre can offer you services that suit your very personal circumstances. Finding the right solution for you first involves us thinking about your current situation. 

  • If you have health problems, we can refer you to one of our partners who will give you medical help, and support you in your recovery.
  • If you want to create a secure livelihood, we’ll work with you to develop a project that meets your needs and goals.
  • I’d like to have vocational training. Can the centre help me with this? 
  • Yes. The centre will support you 
  • If you already have practical experience in a profession, but haven’t yet completed any formal training
  • If you started or completed training in Germany 
  • If you want to learn a new profession

In all these cases we can assist you in finding suitable training, continuing professional development or retraining up to a recognised vocational qualification in Tunisia. 

Will the centre help me to find a job?
Yes. The centre can help you in your search for a permanent job. This involves us using our network of partners, as well as our training and retraining programmes. We work closely with the National Agency for Employment and Self-Employment (ANETI). It has a network of employment offices distributed throughout the country in which you can register and get advice. 

Can the centre help me on my path to self-employment?  
Yes. We can help you with  

  • Finding a suitable project 
  • Getting the necessary expertise  
  • Learning about starting a business
  • Learning how to manage a business
  • Seeking financial help (depending on the offers and programmes available, which are limited in content and time)

We’re also happy to assist and advise you in the first few months after starting your business.

I found information on social media about continuing professional development or retraining. How can I take part? 
We work with a lot of different partners. Contact us to learn how you can successfully apply to participate in our partners' events, and how the application process works.  

Can I learn German in the centre and then emigrate to Germany?
No, our services do not include language courses. But you can use the centre for information about regular entry to Germany. People who don’t meet the criteria for this are given the contact details of the regional vocational training centres. There they can be given comprehensive counselling and support.