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What the advice centre can offer you

The German-Tunisian Centre for Jobs, Migration and Reintegration (CTA) offers information and personal advice on opportunities in Tunisia. The advisors also provide information on the requirements for regular migration and on the risks of irregular migration.

What we offer you if you want to return to Tunisia:

  • Advice on job opportunities
  • Information on training courses that improve your chances in the Tunisian job market
  • Information on support for social and occupational reintegration
  • Support in finding a job or starting a business
  • Contacts to other advice centres
  • Information on medical, psychological and legal support

What we offer you if you are seeking job and training opportunities in Tunisia:

  • Support with preparing application documents
  • Training in preparation for job interviews
  • Advice and training courses for business start-ups
  • Information on training and occupational qualification
  • Offers regarding advanced training and retraining

What we offer you if you want to migrate:

  • Information on the requirements for regular migration
  • Help with preparing application documents
  • Contacts to other bodies of relevance to preparing for migration

You can visit our centre in person in Tunis or Sfax. You can also call our staff or send them your questions via e-mail. You do not have to pay for our advice.